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Eva Leong
Eva Leong Eva Leong is an artist classically trained in Chinese watercolor & philosophy and the co-owner of Beatroute Studios in Mystic, Connecticut.

Leong’s path in contemporary art first manifested itself in 1982 when she moved from Shanghai to New York City to continue her Fine Arts training at The Art Student’s League and Parsons School of Design. Eva later relocated to Connecticut, opening a gallery shop in Mystic, Work of Art, creating & selling original artworks. In 2005, she launched Beatroute Studios - an evolution of music & art space - with her partner, Brian Carters, where she continues to teach art & art enrichment workshops.

Eva’s point of view as an artist extends well beyond her contributions to traditional watercolor & oil painting techniques. An ongoing connection with the concept of strokism – simple brush strokes that carry movement, texture, & accuracy in establishing the essence of the object - led Leong to a change in perspective towards a larger world dynamic. Her pieces began to carry emotion, direction, and intentional energy as a way to feature themes of connectivity & interaction.

Strokism reveals every stroke as a spirit.

“Each painting has original intensity and every stroke has life itself,” says Leong. “Harmony, chaos, & deliberate intention lead to interesting composition and a beauty of repetition or echoes of strokes throughout my work. While at the same time, light & color bring air.”

This move forward from the fractal nature of art pioneered by Jackson Pollock, for example, sees Leong’s Western influenced canvas integrating naturally with the line quality of Asian brushstrokes, revealing accuracy and space through a minimal amount of strokes.

In essence, Ms. Leong’s point of view explores the tactile understanding of her subjects in order to learn a different consciousness through painting. “There is an energy exchange in my work,” Leong says, “that flows from quiet to exaggerated through organic & rhythmic patterns, it’s a meditatation on stroke & freshness of color.”
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After Rain
After Rain
by Eva Leong

$2,000.00 USD

Kitchen Unit
Kitchen Unit
by Eva Leong

$4,500.00 USD

Sunset Party in Golden-Light
Sunset Party in Golden-Light
by Eva Leong

$3,000.00 USD

Sunset Party in Nightlight
Sunset Party in Nightlight
by Eva Leong

$3,000.00 USD

Sunset Party in Twilight
Sunset Party in Twilight
by Eva Leong

$3,000.00 USD
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